At Home With Stylist & Art Director Jessi Frederick

At Home is a series observing personal journeys, through origins and current spaces. With each feature, we hope to inspire duality of relaxation and effort in the every day.


Stylist and art director Jessi Frederick is the epitome of effortlessness. Jessi clearly communicates her life philosophy through her aesthetic: less is more. We caught up with Jessi in her Brooklyn loft, where she she has her hand in many projects including Stylish Gambino and recently launched Bonfire.


Where are you from? What was a defining memory from your origin?

Rochester, New York. I wouldn’t necessarily say I have a defining memory, but I know that I have a defining image of where I am from and a feeling that it gives me. Every time I think of home, I think of land, nature, and space, giving me a feeling of comfort & ease.

What was your favorite travel memory and why was it your favorite? What did you take away from it?

The first memory that comes to mind was my first trip to Costa Rica with my family. We spent a day filled with adventure, and every person in my family tossed their fears & worries aside just for that moment and it was amazing.


How do you reconcile the duality of relaxation and effort in your life?

I think self-awareness determines this for me. That, and taking breaks from my computer to walk outside (or sit on my roof for an hour).

What is one idea or concept that you stand for and why?

Less is more. I believe that the more chaos you surround yourself with, even in the way that you dress, the more overwhelmed you will become.

How you build a sense of calm in your personal space?

Essential oils.

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Photography by Mukul Bhatia for Par en Par.

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